Friday, October 19, 2007

racer brown cams

These use to be the best cams around in the 50' . Racer brown would test every cam he ever designed by running it on a dyno, and in races. He would spend countless hours changing profiles of the cam to get the most out of it. Now there is a wing nut that bought his business and is trying to grind cams and is just ruining his good name in racing history.

We will call this wing nut "Jim" ...... Now what Jim does is grinds a custom cam for you but he just guess at what the profile of the cam should be. So what he does is goes Thu racers browns old cam profiles and just picks one not knowing what it was even meant for. Now this cam will run and work that Jim ground,but is no way shape of form a cam you should be using for any type of proformas. Not to mention that you are paying for a "custom performance grind".

Just by taking a look at his shop should be enough to scare anyone away! There is nothing but junk laying on his floors that you have to walk over to get in the door. This guy is a true wing nut !!! Jim's only cam training before starting this shop was installing a cam in a mopar.

Jim's shop is located in Rosedale Md. on route 7. Save yourself some money, aggravation, and make more horse power. buy a proven cam that's been tested " like Lunati, comp, iski, edelbrock, crane or trick flow cams.